3 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

Your path to success starts here.
Your path to success starts here.

LinkedIn is world’s largest social networking site for professionals. As a result the etiquette around posts, interactions, and one’s reputation is different than, say, Facebook. Here are three tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is memorable to its next visitor:

1) Ask for recommendations.

You know a restaurant is good based on a word of mouth reference. You found about the secret menu at your favorite Korean eatery because a friend told you. Otherwise, this culinary nugget would have escaped your attention.

Recommendations on LinkedIn are the same way. They signal to recruiters and page visitors that your menu” is good. It elevates intangible qualities and deliverables through testimonials.

Pro tip: Get a recommendation from at least one superior as well as a co-worker beneath or beside you in the organizational hierarchy. Make a list of five people and start sending emails.

2) Get involved.

Maximizing LinkedIn is similar to campus fairs during Freshman Orientation week. Groups on the platform are just like student-led clubs as they require your participation to make them worthwhile.

Find groups in your field and in areas related to your career trajectory. Learn about management by reading about challenges current managers share with the group. Learn about public relations from experienced professionals. Regardless of the group topic, make sure you contribute to the dialogue once you join.

Pro tip: Join your college and graduate school alumni groups. It may not seem cool but being active in these groups increases your credibility in the eyes of others. These others could be future employers.

 “Self-direction is not a deviation from accountability but a path to it.” – Anonymous

3) Clean your room.

A messy LinkedIn profile is like a half-made bed. You can ignore it but its presence does not make any room look any better. Your profile should be like a well-made bed. Neatly explain your successful projects, core skill sets, and current responsibilities.

Remember, 80 percent of success is showing up. The other 20 percent, however, is execution. The latter tends to separate the good from the best.

Pro-tip: Take 20 minutes to draft a list of your strengths and professional experiences in a notepad. Think about your recent professional accomplishments. Even draw a flow chart to illustrate your career path before adding them to your LInkedIn profile.

Focusing on these tips will start to separate you from the pack, so to speak. Check back for more blog posts about LinkedIn to see what you can do next!


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