4 Ways to Freshen Your Facebook Persona

Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook
This is you being awesome.

Over 1 billion people use Facebook. More than half log on every day. Consequently it is imperative that you stay on top of you presence on the world’s most popular social networking site. Here are four steps that will beef up your Facebook image:

1) Remove yourself from search engines.

Less can be more. Even if you have excellent digital etiquette, a Facebook profile on Google shows more than the individual profile. It shows website and Facebook posts you have liked. It shows. In other words is shows much more of you than you expect.

Here is how you change your privacy settings:

2) Join groups

Working hard is good but working smart is better. Facebook groups are an excellent smart cut to learning more about your industry. By gaining access to insiders and private conversations, you gain a fresh perspective on familiar topics. The next conversation you have will be more informed as it will be intimately grounded in the listener’s context.

If a group does not exist on a topic of interest, create one with a simple name. Once the page is ready start sending emails to thought leaders about the launch and, more importantly, why it was created.

Pro-tip: Participate regularly in your Facebook groups. Others will notice your interest and it will make any ensuing email introductions easier.

3) Share

Your life is an awesome story. While you needn’t share every detail, sharing useful information or (appropriate) personal moments attracts more people into your world. This positions you as an influencer, and by extension a tastemaker. As you share more status updates, more people will interact with your posts.

Pro-tip: Add a photo to increase engagement on your Facebook posts. In February, Ragan Communications reported that “photo posts attract 104 percent more comments and see 120 percent more engagement other posts.”

Wishpond summarized the report’s findings in this infographic:


4) Curate posts.

Trolls, embarrassing family members, and people with poor grammar are all reasons to trim your Comments. It is okay to make sure that disagreements remain respectful and obscenities do not go unpunished. Remember, the comments on your news feed and wall can be considered reflections of you.

Pro-tip: FaceWash scans your Facebook posts for troublesome content. Be sure to read each discovery yourself even though the tool does most of the work for you.

Stay tuned for our #MotivationMonday post. Meanwhile, share your tips below!

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