Creating a Communications Plan for Facebook


Facebook communication - socialmaximzer

Facebook is the  world’s most popular social networking site. Over 1 billion users have registered since it was founded in 2004. That does not mean, however, that communicating effectively on Facebook is easy.

A communications plan defines an objective while describing how execute steps along the way. There is plenty to write about how and when to construct a communications plan. Stay tuned for a blog post addressing specific ways to develop less rudimentary documents. Here are few tips to focus your next foray in creating a communications plan:

Define your goal

J.R.R. Tolkein once said “Not all who wander are lost.” The venerable Yogi Berra said “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.” Both were right. You may accidentally reach or exceed benchmarks but you can remove the mystery be creating sign posts for success.

An attuned strategist defines:

  • how success is measured
  • the project timeline
  • an acceptable secondary goal for success
  • potential partners to support your plan

Select your message

Just do it. “Like a good neighbor…” Don’t do evil. Nike, State Farm, and Google respectively clearly communicate their core values through succinct messaging.  An effective communications plan for Facebook does the same. Find a pithy way to express your intentions and stick with it!


This is the fun part. You are now able to test how well the communications plan is constructed. Adjust as necessary but continue to move forward with the plan until the goal is reached or time runs out.

An effective communications plan is not perfect. It accounts for most the opportunities that abound as well as the challenges your team may face. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding.


Did you meet your goals? If so, consider what you could have improved. You may not receive gold star for executing a great communications plan. Still good habits are contagious so make sure as much time is spent reflecting on success as was dedicated to avoiding failure.

Remember, a good plan leaves room for adjustment and time for reflection.  Share your successes or questions at

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