#MotivationMonday: Work vs Play

Play - Chariots of Fire

When we are little we yearn for more responsibility. It seems wholly unfair that at age 10 we are not allowed to drive, even though we are legendary in Cruis’n USA. Maturity makes it clear, however, that we prematurely project our intentions onto our a stage of life.

Between when we desire a change and when it occurs, a significant amount of effort fills the intervening time. Toiling over ostensibly mundane tasks develops perseverance. Stated differently small recurring behaviors we call habits often separate success from failure.

Work- Chariots of Fire

Play is not mudane. It invigorates the child inside of us and beckons us to relax in the arms of leisure. Play is meaningless without work and work pointless without play. The two work in a harmonious balance as two weights tipping scale pans.

Unlike the anxious young driver, one ought to see value in work and play as both make sense of life in their own way. However, like consuming too much candy, the two are best enjoyed in moderation.

What do you think?

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