Do You need Facebook for Marketing?

Mikhail Bell, parkermather, Facebook marketing

Do you need Facebook for marketing? Based solely on total users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media site. Competing social networking sites, such as Sina Weibo in China, are concentrated in nations. Facebook, at 1.15 billion users, is in an internationally adopted platform.

First, know your audience. Where do they spend time? Facebook certainly has the largest social media user base but niche communities are quickly growing on other social media sites too. For example, Reddit is where news stories are again increasingly found. The active ecosystem chats about interesting topics from current events to men’s fashion advice.

In May Yahoo! announced plans to acquire Tumblr, the fast-growing microblogging site, for $1.1 billion. The audacious move will likely keep Yahoo! ahead of Google in search rankings again this year and increase Tumblr’s visibility. Tumblr is home to Texts from Hilary, funny old famous couples, and shameful Craigslist Ads.

In February, Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life division released a comprehensive report on social media site demographics. It is worth reading but here is an overview from August.

Second, identify your goals. “Getting more followers” is a start. Think instead about the value each follower brings is more effective. Are there certain followers that add more value than others? Banks and marketers calculate the lifetime benefit of acquiring a customer. Their goal is to bring in more customers because each one adds several thousand dollars to the business’s bottom line.

Recap: Do you need Facebook for marketing? Maybe. Seriously consider where your prospective target audience “hangs out” and your mission (more on this later). The rest will become clear quick.


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