#MotivationMonday: War

#MondayMotivation, ParkerMather, Hugo, Believe, negative self-talk
“I believe I can do anything.” – Me

In life we fight two battles: a war within and a war from without. Most athletes understand this, many academic ponder this, and the mediocre are not nonplussed. The human mind processes approximately 70,000 thoughts each day. Many of these are fleeting. Some are negative, some are positive. Your overall disposition moves the needle.

The war within is the constant battle against negative self-talk. Internalized trauma, such as childhood bullying, may have left you lacking confidence. However we are more likely to shoot ourselves down than others. “You’re too short,” “You are not smart enough,” “You will never become x” are common manifestations of this challenge.

Note: Nobel laureate and Princeton University professor Daniel Kahneman discusses memory further in this insightful TED talk.

The war from without pertains to external negative forces. This can be family, a boss, even your significant other. In any case it is important to shield you ambition from hope killers. That is right, hope killers. External negativity can kill dreams. Be wary of sneaky influences that rally to bring you down.

Does negative thinking come naturally? Read these tips for turning your mental frown around.

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