3 Ways to Maximize Linkedin Groups

ParkerMather, Mikhail Bell, LinkedIn
This is the best way to use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has 238 million users in nearly every country across the world. Many of these people belong to groups. Here are three ways to maximize your LinkedIn experience.

1) Choose wisely

Whether you are into activism, marketing, public relations, or zoology LinkedIn provides a plethora of groups. They simultaneously represent a paradox of choice. The paradox of choice is a term Swarthmore College professor Barry Schwartz popularized in his 2000 study about consumer choice. The research later became a book. Schwartz found that fewer product choices led to less stress on consumers. In other words, companies do not always win by expanding their commercial offerings.

Consider your professional trajectory. Where do you want to go in the next 2-5 years? Join groups to develop a deeper knowledge of the industry for your next move.

2) Party with your people

The six degrees of separation that formerly kept us apart is down to 4.74, according to a recent University of Milan study. That means fewer barriers separate acquaintances and you. It also represents an opportunity to form deeper connections with the people you know.

Join groups where you have already connections and participate. Not only will you learn from gaining access to shared information, it will be apparent to those already in your social circle.

3) Stay in touch

This is imperative. After you demonstrating value to the group, follow up with connections. This is a chance to rekindle old flames and build a few new fires.

Showing up on LinkedIn is no longer enough. Be prepared to suck the marrow out of your LinkedIn experience.

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