Twitter and Geolocation: A Quick Explanation

Geolocation, ParkerMather, Mikhail, Twitter, personal branding
Stranger: Knock, knock.
You: Who’s there?
Stranger: Twitter.

At over 400 million tweets per day, Twitter is growing rapidly and so are the possibilities to aggregate content on the platform through geolocation. Twitter’s core architecture still is largely unchanged. One can search tweets, post musings, or import contact information from other social media platforms.

Geolocation is part of Twitter’s core structure as it allows users to search for information based on physical location. Unless you specify otherwise, every single tweet is tagged with geographic coordinates. This gives each tweet an unique searchable signature.

ParkerMather’s Wednesday post explained the power of Regardless of one’s location, searching for tweets is simple. However geotagging, or the application of unique searchable signatures, means tweets can be linked to maps, and significantly, associated with a particular area on such a chart. This Twittergadget video demonstrates an application of geolocation tools:

Mashable, an excellent social media news source, wrote a helpful article about this topic in 2009. It will make the next ParkerMather post about geolocation even easier to understand.

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