#MotivationMonday: Trust


Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather, Henry David Thoreau

Trust. It is integral to our dealings with one another. All you have in this life are three things, the characteristics of trust: your reputation, your faith, and your word. You life is not your own because others place demands on it. A paucity of people truly control their lives but again this represents few among us.

Your Reputation

You are a brand. Brands have reputations. Your reputation is a “widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic”. What is your reputation among peers, friends and family? It is worth considering, especially if you do not like the answer.

Your Faith

We all believe. This may be limited to human beings or extend toward a celestial entity. Statistically, most people in the world place their faith in the latter (See Pew Forum data).

Your Word

Once upon a time, a verbal contract followed by a handshake sufficiently bound an individual to a particular agreement. Today lawyers and a formal legal structure surround nearly every business interaction. This protects weaker parties from information asymmetry, a market failure.

Without trust, our commercial systems stall and our social fabric comes undone.  Whether you are a multi-national company or personal brand, mind these three characteristics of trust. Get them write and you cannot go amiss. Err and it could destroy you.

What do you think?

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