How to Launch a Successful Blog

Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather, Blogging, personal branding.
“I can take on the world.” This is how you feel when you start a blog.

Successful blogs are difficult to create. It is like becoming a businessowner. You can see how another business can improve but few people are able to develop an idea into a strong brand.

I am passionate about creative expression. Most of us walk through our waking hours half-alert and in a self-loathing stupor. Creatives are the artists that bring us to life. Ergo creative expression is good for humanity.

This blog post is for the creatives, “the crazy ones of which Steve Jobs spoke. Here is how you can launch a successful blog. This formula is not specific to creatives but rather a guide for all. 

Plan your attack

Mike Tyson famously said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” He was right. Unexpected issues often test the strength of good plans. However the best plans withstand them and get you pretty close, if not to, your goal.

Starting a blog is not easy. You must have a clearly defined theme, an audience profile, editorial calendar development, metrics for success and a commitment to write consistently. The former and latter are where most bloggers falter.

Tell your friends

It is tempting to continuously look for new connections. However each new connection is a new relationship that you must cultivate. Instead of looking outward, look within your social circle for influencers and advocates.

Influencers are people who have large followings or significant authority in key communities. This could be a CEO. It could also be a project manager. Consider not only where influencers work, which is important, but also where they play. Influencers may work in a space unrelated to your blog content and play where your audience hangs out.

Advocates lead with their time, treasure, and talent. They put their soul, or at least their energy, into a particular cause. If the advocate is not interested in your subject matter, it will still be exposed to his or her social circle.

An influencer can become an advocate. For example, J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler is an advocate for technology-based fashion companies. The Apple board member and ‘Godfather of SoulCycle’  recently joined the Warby Parker board, clearly demonstrating this point. This is the optimal outcome. Drexler followed the brand, the founders cultivated a relationship and he is now an advocate for Warby Parker.

Crafting the email

Do not send form correspondence. In the age of email, the form term is de rigueur but gauche. Consider what might excite each person about the blog. It could be helping out a friend; it could be sharing new information, as mavens and tastemakers tend to do; it could affirm a desire to be wanted. As you can see motivations vary. Acknowledge this as you draft the email.

Second decide on your message before writing a word. Develop talking points about what makes your blog unique. Think about why you started it in the first place. Consider what makes it unique from the millions of other blogs out there. Then categorize the people you want to join this new journey, first as beneficiaries, next as promoters, and finally as partners. While this is the last step, it is also the most important. Planning and execution are an inseparable couple.

After planning your content, connectors, and crafting a clear message, launch your project!


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