#MotivationMonday: Act

ParkerMather, Mikhail Bell, social media
Action is the only up.

To the entrepreneur, fear is a liar. Like a ghost, its harm is psychological and its purpose transparent. To the employee, fear is a strategic barrier. Like an unused sick day, it enables one to avoid hard work dressed in overalls. Entrepreneurs are not innately good, nor are employees inherently bad. Rather each reflects a mentality. The former category of people focuses on the bigger picture and bringing strategic value to each undertaking. Employees are conversely motivated. This group avoids risk and innovation in favor of predictability. Disruption is not in their modus operandi. History will not remember them. The employee mindset is not the same as being a team player. This is an employee: This is an entrepreneur: The willingness to act can be the difference between professional suicide and an unheralded comeback. Action separates winners from losers, wheat from the chaffe, heroes from the forgotten. Are thinking about starting a blog? Starting reading. Do you want more responsibility at your office? Find a mentor. Is fear about retirement gripping you? Plan for life after this career. Remember, inaction only guarantees that your circumstances will not improve. ~ Mikhail

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