20 Ways to Increase User Engagement

ParkerMather, Mikhail Bell, #socialmedia, Fred Cavazza
The social media landscape is vast and constantly changing.

How many times have you heard the phrase “user engagement”? Like “pivot,” it is over used and misunderstood. The vague tactic of “caring more” is good theory but this blog post explains the practical aspects. Here are 20 ways to increase user engagement:

1)    Respond quickly to all interactions

2)    Develop a profile of your ideal user before launching and review it afterward

3)    Establish metrics for acceptable growth

4)    Ask for user feedback at least quarterly

5)    Coordinate messaging with your communications lead, developer(s), and executive leadership

6)    Develop an editorial calendar as it focuses your writing on the days you do not want to think

7)    Remember that data is your friend and listen the story numbers tell

8)    Treat campaigns like a good mystery novel: include a catchy beginning, a sticky middle and a surprise ending

9)    Think about global trends when designing your campaigns

10) Use relevant infographics instead of cat photos

11)  Learn about the long tail

12)  Understand Everett Roger’s diffusion of innovations theory

13)  Admit when you are wrong

14)  Delight your readers or users regularly

15)  Quickly fail forward

16)  Build users into your feedback loops

17)  Tell your story across multiple platforms

18)  Use your history as a leverage point for attracting more attention

19)  Quiz your audience

20)  Ask or write about current events

Share a few tips below. What else has worked for you?


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