4 Social Media Articles You Must Read This Week

Mikhail Bell, Tumblr, awesome people hanging out
POTUS: “You’ll never believe what happened on Twitter today…”

Here are four social media articles ranging from the absurd (see #1) to the reflective.

1) White House turkey duel freaks out social media

Terrified Americans, settle down. The White House is not pitting two turkeys in a “Hunger Games” death match.

The White House website promoted a new featureTuesday where Americans are introduced to two turkeys, Caramel and Popcorn. Visitors are encouraged to get to know the turkeys, learn their backgrounds and hear audio files of their distinctive gobbles. Caramel is apparently a Lady Gaga fan, while Popcorn prefers Beyoncé.

2) 70% of Snapchat Users Are Women, Report Says

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said on Wednesday that 70% of the photo-sharing app’s users are female, according to a new report. Spiegel shared the breakdown, along with a few other metrics, at a closed-door conference hosted by Goldman Sachs in Las Vegas.

Snapchat did not share the size of its total user base. The company did not immediately return a request for comment.

3) The State of Social Business 2013

Last month, we published our report, The State of Social Business 2013, based on data and analysis from four years of Altimeter’s annual digital strategists’ survey.

Today, we’re happy to release the data charts from that report, in a downloadable, easy to share PowerPoint presentation that you can take and inject in your own presentations. Also included are two new data charts, shared in this presentation for the first time (See slides 4 and 21).

4) ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special sets ratings, Tumblr records

“Doctor Who” marked its 50th anniversary over the weekend by setting a few ratings records.

“Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor” — the official semicentennial special of the cult British sci-fi series — rounded up 3.6 million total Whovians on Saturday, according to Nielsen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Mikhail


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