A Quick Note about Data

Data Mikhail Bell ParkerMather

Have you ever tried to build a model car without using directions? What about driving to a place without directions. Directions, like data, contain information but the two are not the same.

Data is “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” In other words, data tells part of the story but seldom tells the whole truth.

Here are a few pieces of data from Pew Internet Research:

–       As of May 2013, 15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the internet or email.

–       91% of American adults have cell phones and a little more than half of those are smartphones.

–       57% of American adults use their cell phone to go online. And 21% of cell phone owners say they mostly access the internet using their phone.

–       As of May 2013, 72% of online adults use social networking sites, and 18% use Twitter. 6% use reddit.

Metrics that matter:

–       Year over year, monthly and quarterly user growth

–       Return on investment

–       One- and five-year trends

How do you apply it?

–       Use data to plan your trajectory

–       Use data to assess a hypothesis’

–       Use data to compare with older data

–       Use data to measure success



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