Privacy and Personal Branding

Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather, AllThingsD, Walter Mossberg

Privacy and personal branding seem like contrary. Can one maintain privacy while building a compelling personal brand? Yes.


Your personal information is increasingly available on the Internet. That at least includes one’s phone numbers, home address, previous tweets and potentially Facebook account. Phone numbers and home addresses are often behind paywalls on websites like

One’s social media activity is less protected and easily discovered with full name + social media platform. In the early days of social media adoption, archive websites popped up almost as quickly as second tier startups. Many, such as and, and, are still active. These sites aggregate content related to a user and make the data searchable since content is on the Internet forever.

Personal Branding

You are a brand. Your industry or interest area is the audience. As more people get on the web, two things will happen:

1)   Common names will become diluted.

Kim Garst, Stephen King and Silvio Martucci will not be the only people with that name as more countries increase internet access. It will become more important to distinguish oneself from other adopters suing SEO and SEM.

2)   International communications consultancies will become increasingly important.

Currently about 2.7 billion people have Internet access. As more people get on the grid, communications consultants will work with businesses to inculcate norms to employees and show businesses how to leverage opportunities. Additionally, about 6 billion people have mobile phone subscriptions. Not all of these are smartphone users. More of this contingent will become smartphone adopters in 2014.

Developing subject matter expertise now, through a web presence, Pinterest activity and tweets, will help entrepreneurs avoid point 1 and win when point 2 becomes the norm.

We have written about personal branding in several previous posts, which are worth reading.



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