Twitter Etiquette for 2014

Image, Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather
Dick Costolo is the CEO of Twitter.

In the world of personal branding, good systems make norms possible. This is true of countries, companies, and consultants. Here are four tips to tighten your Twitter presence:

1) Reply quickly

Twitter involves instantaneous communication. Do not wait two days to respond when you waiting a few hours has the public image of several large companies.

2) Targeted search (geotargeting)

Every Tweet has a timestap, content, and interaction options, i.e. reply, retweet, etc). Additionally, unless you change the privacy settings, mobile phone tweets include geographical coordinates. For marketers and data scientists, this is a boon; you can search for conversations in a city within a discreet time horizon.

3) Active lists

Lists are the second least used feature on Twitter. Marketers use lists to curate content from Twitter users, regardless of whether you follow them. The list is cues these users and allows you to categorize. For example, my @Bellsworld Twitter account contains lists the following lists: Social Media and Business, Thought Leaders and Venture Capitalists.

4) The 4:1 Rule

Both executives and non-profit founders have asked me about the best balance for engagement on Twitter. Here is the 4:1 rule: tweet one personal item for every four business tweets. In my experience this approach avoids oversharing and provides value to followers.

In 2014 follow the above system, build new norms, and watch productivity will follow.



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