7 Ways for Bloggers to Beat Writer’s Block

Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather, Earth, Motivation
The right vantage point can unearth most good ideas.

I have been thinking about thinking lately. More specifically, I have pondered how good ideas are created. Jonah Lehrer wrote an excellent book on this topic already so this is not a fruitless exercise.

Writing three times a week about social media and personal branding seldom feels monotonous. Whether writing or planning a project timeline, creativity is crucial to success. Here are seven pro-tips to lubricate your idea wheels:

1) Find a quiet place. Silence makes your inner thoughts louder and removes distracting stimuli.

2) Set aside time. We are busy but often try to think of good ideas when our brain is on E. Instead plan your creative or someone will steal it.

3) High energy activities. Running and listening to fast music cause your mind to move faster. This reduces your filters, the barriers that sometimes catch good ideas.

4) Hang out with creatives. Non-creative people can kill the best ideas. They are risk-averse and consider the downside before realizing opportunities.

5) Positive psychology. Trick the ol’ brain into thinking it is the best thing since sliced bread. This validates ensuing ideas and keeps them out of the “is-it-good-enough” whirlpool.

6) Look to the past. We often see this in fashion. Examples include: Gingham, a design from the 18th century, chamois, en vogue in the 1970s, and Mini Coopers, which enduring decades in the wilderness before become the “it” car.

7) Think like a millennial. Millennials believe the world can be better than it is. Boundaries suggestions, not roadblocks. See your creative conundrums the same way.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. This is the last post for the week so tune in for the next post on #MotivationMonday!



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