4 Types of Effective Blog Posts

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller, Mikhail Bell, Blogging, ParkerMather
A good blog post takes readers on a journey. Credit: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Blogging is fun. Writers can express themselves, audiences can react and both have control over content development. However this symbiotic relationship is grounded in a few reliable categories. Like movies, which are about a stranger coming into town or a hero’s journey, blog posts come in about four shapes and sizes:

1. Candor (a.k.a. the tell-all) You write with total abandon, leaving it all on the field. It could be about a horrible family vacation but often takes the form of a revelation during a common human experience.

2. Humor (a.k.a. the “that’s so true” post). Can you believe she wrote that? I felt the same way during my last visit to Whole Foods. “The parking lots are almost as crazy as the Type A personalities Whole Paycheck attracts,” you blurt in frustration. Welcome to the humor post.

3. Ardor (aka the “things X loves”). You have read it: 20 Things Extroverts Love. People like things a lot. That’s what we call love. Then we write about them.

4. Anger (a.k.a. the rant) This type of writing is much harder than it seems. You will need: reliable data, and energetic writing style.

Comedian Lewis Black has made a living ranting about social ills, American cultural quirks, and stupidity as he defines it. Black’s crass style grates on the ears after a few listens but hits the right comic note for underexposed neophytes. In one set, the cursing comedian deconstructs the phenomenon of bottle water. It is NFSW so you will not see the content on ParkerMather (Check YouTube).

Bonus: Informative (a.k.a. the “did you know” post) Buzzfeed has mastered this in its written form (examples 1, 2, and 3). Apparently, this is the subtext of most Huffington Post photo galleries.

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