12 Simple Ways to Really Improve in 2014

Earnest Alexander, ParkerMather, Kevin Daum

The New Year brings hope of beginnings and commitments. And yet many resolutions fall flat after a month or two. It’s no surprise why this happens. Many make lists of all the behaviors they intend to change and then try and make it happen all at once. Sadly this approach often ends in failure. It’s hard enough to change one behavior, let alone several at the same time.

So here’s a better approach. Below is a monthly list of traits you can always improve upon, along with practiced methods for making them stick. I’ve linked some articles to help inspire you for each one. Just focus on one behavioral change each 30 days and then add the next.  You may not succeed in absorbing them all, but you’re bound to do better than the usual New Year’s binge. Get a small notebook to help you track your progress and inspire you for the next New Years.

January – Patience

Managing your impatience is a perfect way to start the year. Take a week and keep tally every time you get upset, angry, anxious, frustrated, or disgusted with the world not moving at your pace. Determine how many times you overreacted. Then go back for the rest of January and work to reduce the number week by week.

February – Charm

In honor of Valentine’s Day, increase your charm factor. Be aware of your interactions with others. Sign up for a networking event each week. Become a master of learning about others. Practice two new and interesting stories to share with people. You will connect better if they find you fascinating…or at least friendly. 

March – Focus

This is when the year’s distractions begin to kick in. The weather breaks and spring beckons. All the opportunities from the New Year start to take shape.  Pick an opportunity each week and set aside one hyperfocused hour each day to work on it. Eliminate all other distractions.

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