The Funny Thing About Social Media Is…

Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien, Wired
Is Jimmy Fallon the king of late night comedy and social media? (Credit: Wired)

Several months ago, I started listening to Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. Can you say Jimmy sandwich? (Wow, that was awful!)

Each laugh master has taken a different approach to social media. Collectively, the bad boys of late night (PG) comedy all keep their content to a bite-sized 3-7 minutes.  This is just enough time to squeeze in at work, and have something for the 3 p.m. watercooler talk, without feeling guilty afterward.

Jimmy Fallon is “killing it”, as comics say, in his new role as King of Late Night host of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The impish ex-SNL cast member clearly loves social media like a fat kid loves cake. From his hashtag Wednesdays to his “Evolution of” spinoffs, Fallon is making a fool out of social media novices. The original name came from a viral video called “Evolution of Dance”.


Conan O’Brien dropped Triumph the Insult Dog, which, reportedly, Jay Leno’s special bear  years earlier inspired (look it up). However the risible redhead went full-bore on Twitter when, in 2009, he was ousted from the Tonight Show with Haha Not You.  He explained in one interview that it was his only avenue to communicate with his fans and the public as his contract barred him from appearing on television for a year. If you really want to see Conan let loose follow him on Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel, it seems was the last to arrive but has made a few memorable splashes since arriving. The International Olympic Committee chairman recently acknowledged that Kimmel’s latest hoax made him laugh. The California kid-man had us laughing with his twerking/girl on fire video. It turns out his heroine was a stunt woman. [Video below]

There is one guy we have not mentioned: Seth Meyers. The jury is still out on this new addition to the late night comedy lineup. He was understandably nervous during his first monologue as not a SNL cast member. Even when Seth snaps into his comedic stride, it seems unlikely that mashups and hashtags will be part of his show’s DNA. That, however, is for another post.



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