5 Things You Should Never Do on Twitter

Fail Whale, Twitter, ParkerMather, Mikhail Bell
Do not make people regret your presence on Twitter.

Twitter is expansive in applications even though the company had a slower quarter of user growth. Twitter’s recent shortfall made me think about shortcoming of users. Here are 5 meditations:

1)    Avoid using autoresponse tools. This belies the point of communicating with others as it relies on form text.

2)    Buy followers. Paid advertisements are acceptable as they are targeted at a specific demographic and seek predetermined outcome. Astroturf-ing through third parties reduces engagement on your account and gives social a bad name.

3)    Emoji. They are good for text messages (guilty) but less effective in the Twitterverse. Why? There is no context or precedent for using the still cartoons on the instantaneous platform.

4)    Swearing. It is not “being authentic,” it is just cras. According to the Global Language Monitor, over 1 million words comprise the English language. Deftly use the ones that are not invectives.

5)    Ignore followers. Every user that follows you has raised their hand to become part of your tribe. Users also give you access to networks that increase brand recognition. Be sure to feed them accordingly.

That is all for now. Share your thoughts below.



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