4 Internet Insights from the Pew Research Internet Project

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The Pew Center is one of the leading sources of reliable and current information about behavioral trends, particularly Internet usage. Pew was early in measuring Internet access among key groups, which inspired this post. Here are four insights I sussed out from Pew’s mountains of Internet data:
  1. “60% of teen Facebook users keep their profiles private, and most report high levels of confidence in their ability to manage their settings. “(Source: http://bit.ly/SjGmzx)
  2. 1 in 2 teens has avoided an app because it is perceived to lack sufficient privacy built in.
  3. 2000: The last time teens (12-17) who did not use the Internet outnumbered those who surf the Web.
  4. 76% of teachers surveyed strongly agree” that search engines have conditioned students to expect information to be accessed quickly and easily.  (Source: http://bit.ly/1mYMbxC)

“Very likely” research sources according to surveyed teachers:

  • Google or other online search engine (94%)
  • Wikipedia or other online encyclopedia (75%)
  • YouTube or other social media sites (52%)
  • Their peers (42%)
  • Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, or other study guides (41%)

(Source: http://bit.ly/1mYMbxC)

And always remember, kids, the Internet is not “a series of tubes.”

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