#WednesdayWord: Community

Manchester United, Community, ParkerMather
Manchester United is a club that prizes people and process.

Here is the #WednesdayWord:

Building community takes time. It requires effective teams and processes. 

Processes matter. In its hay day, IBM called itself a company of ordinary people doing extraordinarily well. The computer giant developed protocols to handle customers, internal workflow and remain competitive in the marketplace. Most 80s adults will tell us younger folks that the IBM was an indomitable force. 

Teams are crucial to checking processes. Manufacturing plants without Quality Assurance (QA) teams are not places where buyers want to spend their hard earned money. It is difficult to convince others that a process is safe enough to avoid secondary safety measures. Teams, the human army to reinforce processes, make sure the magic continues to happen.

It is tempting to believe certain processes are infallible or that the human touch is irreplaceable. However these perspectives work in concert to help communities thrive.



What do you think?

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