Report Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Social Media

Milano cookies, consumer packaged goods, Pepperidge Farm
Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm/ Campbell’s Soup Company are delicious CPGs.

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is mysterious to many outsiders and legendary to those within. As a regular eater and digital practitioner, I recently began focusing more on this obscure marketing category.

How Consumer Packaged Goods and Customer Engagement (Accenture)

Note: I have summarized and abridged the points from Accenture’s 2013 report below.

Key Findings

  • Charitable causes higher engagement compared to discounts.
  • Staying on message is important. Holiday-themed posts have higher engagement rates.
  • Mixed media messages for products penetrate more than single form, i.e. text or photo, post.
  • Crowdsourcing effectively engages customers.
  • Do not implement a discount campaign without being 100 percent ready to deliver on the promise.


  • Use all digital information to form customer context, connect
  • Move from engagement –> optimization



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