Branding, Value Propositions and the Best Social Media Tools

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What is Branding? Branding is at the heart of digital communications as new communities emerge and existing communities grow.

Branding is about standing out from the crowd. However the most attractive brands participate in their community and have a clear value add. Here’s how you can create a digital media brand.

Determine your value proposition.

A value proposition is a statement that describes how your product or service benefits your target audience. In short, what do you add to this community?

Harvard professor John Kotter’s 1995 treatise Leading Change separated value propositions into an eight-step process. Here is a condensed description from Mind Tools.

Finding Your Platform

Multi-media creatives: Tumblr and Giphy. Tumblr’s community has surged since Yahoo acquired the microblogging platform for $1.1 billion in 2013.

Examples: Tyrant Quotes and Will it Beard

Photos: Instagram. Instagram pits the ‘u’ in visual. The rapidly growing platform is an easy way to learn and grow.

ExamplesNational Geographic, J.CrewTaco Bell, and Deloitte Digital

Video: YouTube and Vimeo. have overcome incredible challenges and built brands in the maturing digital media landscape.

Examples: like Bethany Mota and Marie Forleo

Writing: Tumblr and MediumMedium lets writers publish articles on an ad hoc basis. It is less responsibility than blogging and equally gratifying as writing a news website article.

ExamplesShort stories

After you determine your brand, value proposition and platform, you are off to the races!

What do you think?

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