How Social Media Monitoring Works on Twitter

Instead of focusing on creating content, start listening to the conversation. Used properly, social media monitoring, or listening, can be a boon for small businesses in particular and communicators in general.

My favorite social media luminary, Gary Vaynerchuk started off on Twitter by listening. He used these obtservations to grow his following through genuine connections with other users. Vaynerchuk now has over 1 million followers and shows no signs of slowing down.

How Do I Monitor Trending Hashtags?

That depends. Social media monitoring should connect with a strategic goal, such as research about millennials on healthcare exchanges or fan reactions to Game 5 of the NLDS.

Here are three tools for social media listening:

  • Twitter Search: This is the most powerful and underused part of Twitter. Search lets you follow hashtags almost instantaneously, identify influencers, and displays popular images associated with the term.

NFL, Twitter, Colts, ParkerMather, social media listening

  • Topsy: Topsy aggregates Twitter mentions, total tweets over 1 hour or 30 days. In addition, users can clearly see which voices are dominating the conversation.

Topsy, NFL, 49ers, ParkerMather, Social Media Monitoring

  • Social Mention: In response to one, Social Mention opens a galaxy of associated search terms from across the Web. This includes related keywords, trending topics, and sources. Tie this information back to Twitter search and add context to the online conversations.

Social Mention, ParkerMather, Twitter

There are a multitude of social media listening tools out there for communicators. Try these three and see what else complements the brand’s goals!

Do not forget to celebrate victory.

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