The Thesis

Social media can be time-consuming. However outsourcing operations is usually expensive and may be unnecessary. Here are three reasons why empowering your employee(s) may make more sense:

1. Wasted Time

Have you ever sat across from a consultant and wondered how to more simply explain what your company does? ParkerMather takes a personalized approach to working with clients. We make sure that your mission and core values are communicated to your audience. The next time you get on the phone for social media help, make sure that call is to trustworthy expert.

2. Wasted Money

Public relations firms and ad agencies are billing companies at over $150 per hour to send press releases, create Facebook pages, and some add zero value to the skill set of their clients’ employees. Imagine if you could build a stronger brand and learn a few things along the way. ParkerMather makes this possible through our approach to social media management.

3. Wasted Talent

You have gifted people. Equipping talented individuals adds value their current role. Why wouldn’t you empower them through professional development opportunities around key changes in how your business communicates?

ParkerMather coordinates your social media but can help you leverage human capital.

How do we do this?

Strategy development

Account management

In-person trainings

Virtual tutorials 

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, contact us to arrange a training or account management consultation at

We also advise individuals about improving their personal brand. Look at our services to see what we can do for you.


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