Mikhail Bell ParkerMather Founder
Mikhail Bell is the founder and Principal of ParkerMather.

In 2013, during his final year of graduate school, Mikhail Bell founded ParkerMather as communications consulting firm. After developing and executing digital strategies for leading nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC, he became adept at solving the unique challenges brands face from communicating on social media.

The name ParkerMather pays homage to the past and future: Ogilvy&Mather (founded in 1948) and Warby Parker (founded in 2010). This recognizes the importance of a solid foundation of values, as well as the ceaseless need to innovate.

Accordingly, ParkerMather exists to make social media management accessible to the curious and to develop digital communications strategies that complement business objectives.

ParkerMather’s services: strategy development, account management, and in-person training – bridge the gap between business outcomes and customer expectations using social media. While social media alone is not a strategy, applying it effectively can increase awareness, improve the sentiment toward a brand, and compellingly communicate their unique value proposition.

In short, ParkerMather helps brands and individuals simplify their approach to social media.